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Professional Athletes’ Orthopedic Surgeries in the First Quarter of 2019

All athletes are at risk of an injury

As fulfilling as sports can be for both amateur and professional athletes, they always come with an increased risk of an injury. Professional athletes are surrounded by a team of health professionals, who can quickly diagnose,  assess the extent of the problem, and treat their injuries. Those treatments often involve surgeries, as well as a lengthy recovery time.

These injuries are a professional risk that all athletes take. But, it’s up to the orthopedic doctors, surgeons and physical therapists to ensure that they come back to playing sports with full strength and flexibility.

Here are some surgeries that have been performed on professional athletes in the first quarter of 2019.

1. (NFL) Philadelphia Eagles’ Josh Adams and his  shoulder labrum surgery

Eagles running back Josh Adams underwent shoulder labrum surgery following the team’s divisional-round playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints in January this year. He is facing 6 months of recovery and will most likely miss the off-season workouts.

According to NCAA, the overall injury rate in NCAA football is 8.1 injuries per 1,000 athlete exposures, while upper limb injuries make up for 17% of all football injuries.

A torn labrum, as in Josh Adams’s case, is repaired by an orthopedic surgeon with the use of camera-guided surgical sutures in the course of shoulder arthroscopy. The arthroscope and small incisions, for other instruments, take place to reattach the labrum to the rim of the socket.

2. (NFL) Dallas Cowboys’ La’el Collins and his torn rotator cuff surgery

Dallas Cowboys right tackle La’el Collins had surgery to repair a torn right rotator cuff in early February this year. His rehabilitation plan involves rest and physical therapy and should prepare him to be ready for the training camp, once the off-season is over.

Surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff typically involves re-connecting the tendon with the head of the humerus (upper arm bone). This procedure’s goal is to get the tendon to heal. Most patients get their range of motion and strength back within 4 to 6 months after surgery.

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3. (NBA) Minnesota Timberwolves’ Derrick Rose and his elbow fracture surgery

Minnesota Timberwolves’ guard Derrick Rose underwent arthroscopic surgery in March this year due to a chip fracture and looseness in his right elbow.  Unfortunately, he will miss the remainder of the season.

According to Sports Health, professional athletes in the NBA experience a high rate of game-related injuries. The injuries involving the upper extremity account for 12.2% of all injuries.

Elbow fracture surgeries are required when pieces of bone shift during the injury, to restore both the normal anatomy of the elbow and motion in the joint. Surgery for elbow fracture usually consists of proper positioning of broken pieces of bone and keeping them immobilized until the elbow is healed.

4. (NHL) Washington Capitals’ Michal Kempny and his torn hamstring surgery

Washington Capitals’ defenseman Michal Kempny underwent a torn left hamstring surgery, due to an injury sustained on March 20th this year. The Washington Capitals will most likely be without this valued Czech player during their 2019 playoff run.

Hamstring tears are among the most common sports-related injuries. The surgery typically consists of pulling the hamstring muscle back into place and removing scar tissue. The tendon must then be reattached to the bone.

5. (NBA) Lakers’ Josh Hart and his knee tendon procedure

Lakers’ guard, Josh Hart, underwent a right patellar tendon procedure in March this year.  Josh Hart has been dealing with right knee tendinopathy, as well as a tear in the tendon. He will most likely miss the rest of the season, as his recovery should take up to 12 weeks.

The surgical procedure, which was used in his case is called percutaneous ultrasonic tendon debridement (or Tenex Health TX). It uses ultrasound to break down and remove damaged tendon tissue.

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You might think (and we don’t blame you) that professional athletes receive better care, get more experienced surgeons and advanced treatment options than you will ever have. This belief cannot be further from the truth.

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Raleigh Orthopedic Surgery Center’ssports medicine involvement within the local community is very strong. Raleigh Orthopaedic is the official team doctors for the Carolina Hurricanes professional hockey team. .   Raleigh Orthopedic Surgery Center’s doctors have served North Carolina State University athletic department for over thirty five years and also serve as official Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Physicians for Shaw University. Moreover, our sports medicine doctors provide expert care for numerous local schools as their teams’ physicians. In short, all our surgeons care for athletes.

Therefore, if you choose Raleigh Orthopaedic Surgery Center as your surgery destination, you can be sure that you will be treated by highly experienced physicians, for whom sports injuries have no secrets and who will always choose the most advanced and modern treatment for you.

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