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What You Can Expect From an Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

For many people, hip pain is a real struggle. Sometimes conservative treatments such as cortisone injections and physical therapy can be very successful in managing pain. However, as we advance in age or if the pain is caused by trauma, surgery may need to be considered. 

What is Arthroscopic Hip Surgery?

With arthroscopic hip surgery, a small camera is used to help with the repair. The surgeon uses x-ray guidance and the help of the camera to repair the diseased or injured cartilage. Two to four incisions are made while the surgeon uses special tools to complete the surgery. 

What is the Success Rate of Hip Arthroscopy?

Many studies have shown both good short and long-term results with arthroscopic hip surgery; Relief can last for many years for most patients. 

There is a low risk for complications with arthroscopic surgery, and patients often are pleased with the results. There is often a significant reduction in pain and improvement in mobility. It is important to note that the hip does need time to heal after surgery, so you may not fully know the results until a year after the surgery. 

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How Long Does Hip Arthroscopy Last?

The surgery can be completed at our outpatient surgery center in Raleigh. The surgery’s duration depends on the complication of the repair but usually might last 40-60 minutes. 

You can expect that after the surgery, the surgeon will inject pain medication into the hip, suture the incisions, and apply dressings. 

You will have general anesthesia, so nursing staff will monitor you after the surgery. Once the anesthesia has worn off you will likely be safe to return home. There will be discomfort and pain after, so the physician will prescribe pain medication to help you maintain comfort at home.

How Soon Can I Walk After Hip Arthroscopy?

You will likely need one to two weeks to recover at home before doing any activity. Some people can return to work shortly after if there is minimal strain performed at their job.

Jobs that include pushing, pulling, standing, or lifting will likely need a longer recovery period before returning safely and comfortably.

Approximately eight weeks after surgery, you can do more walking, standing, and some lifting. Working with a physical therapist will be helpful to know what activities you can do that will not aggravate the hip.  

What Should You Avoid After Arthroscopic Hip Surgery?

It is essential to avoid heavy lifting of any sort until after your doctor has given the okay. Any strenuous activities and exercise also need to wait until you progress appropriately through therapy.

After surgery, some patients find it difficult to sleep on their side. Try to sleep on your back or lie on the unoperated side with a pillow between your legs. 

Prolonged standing after hip surgery can also be aggravating. Try using a stool if you are required to stand for long periods. Also, remember to take short breaks when you are walking to sit and rest the hip. 

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