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After The Surgery

After surgery, you will be closely observed in the recovery room while you are waking up.  During this time, your nurse will monitor your vital signs and administer medications for pain and or nausea if you need them.  In approximately one hour, we will bring your friend or family member back to sit with you.

Before going home, our nursing staff will provide you and your family or friend with instructions about your medications, dressings, exercises and follow up appointments.  Please use this time to ask any questions that you may have regarding your post-operative care.  Plan to have someone over the age of 18 stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery.

In general, you are free to enjoy your normal diet after surgery.  We would suggest that you start out with something light and advance as tolerated.

Take your pain medications as directed by your surgeon.  Many procedures involve a regional nerve block that will wear off within 6-18 hours.  It is important to stay on schedule with your pain medication as it will decrease the severity of your pain when the block wears off.  Do not force any motion that causes pain.  Do not drive, operate machinery, or sign any legal documents while taking narcotic pain medication.

Ice and elevate your affected extremity as these techniques will reduce swelling and pain in addition to your medication.