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Are you in need of a surgical procedure? Are you confused as to where to do it and which choice is going to benefit your health the most? Look no further!

We have prepared for you a list of all the advantages of having your surgery performed at an outpatient surgery center, so the choice is going to be really simple for you.

Why an Outpatient Surgery Center?

Outpatient Surgery Centers, also known as ASCs, are healthcare facilities focused on providing surgical care without the need for the patient to stay in the hospital overnight. Outpatient surgeries offer substantial advantages over in-patient surgery. Below we have listed the differences we think you will find most important.

1. Lower cost

Outpatient surgery centers can be 45-60% less expensive than hospitals, which benefits patients, insurers, and taxpayers equally. In actual fact, the Department of Health and Human Services estimated savings of $15 billion to taxpayers and $3 billion to Medicare patients if all qualifying surgeries were performed at the outpatient surgery centers.

What is very important to patients is the fact that the quality of healthcare provided by surgery centers is equal to, if not higher than, the one offered by hospitals. Keep in mind that the surgeons have the same credentials to operate in both hospitals and outpatient surgery centers. The price difference is simply attributable to the structure of the outpatient surgery centers and their augmented productivity.

2. Safety

Another advantage to receiving surgery in an outpatient surgery center is that it is believed to be safer and cleaner. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that in 2010 approximately 8.95 in 1,000 patients developed a surgical site infection (SSI) in a hospital setting. However, only 4.84 in 1,000 patients who had surgery at an ASC developed an SSI requiring in-patient treatment within 30 days of surgery.

That’s due to the fact that a patient’s health history is checked prior to their surgery and patients with contagious diseases are not allowed to have surgical procedures performed at an outpatient surgery center.

As a result, the risk of patients at the center acquiring an illness from someone with a contagious disease is significantly reduced.

3. Convenience and accessibility

At outpatient surgery centers physicians have more control over their work and the value of care. As a result, they are usually more accessible to patients and habitually offer better pre- and post-operative care to patients.

Furthermore, the location of outpatient surgery centers is typically more convenient and easier to access. This is important to patients themselves as well as their families.

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4. Time

Do you like staying at the hospital? Most people don’t. It’s a fact. Because of this, the argument of spending LESS time in a hospital may be the strongest one for you. Research by economists Elizabeth Munrich and Stephan Parente established that the time spent by a patient in an outpatient surgery center was close to 26% less than the time spent in a hospital for the same surgery. Moreover, outpatient surgery center patients visited the clinic less often in the week after the surgery.  

5. Reduced stress

In most instances outpatient surgery is less stressful than in-patient surgery. Most people, especially children, prefer to convalesce after a procedure in their homes instead of the hospital. Excellent pre- and post-surgical care also adds to the comfort of patients.

6. Predictable scheduling

Outpatient surgery centers have better control over the scheduling of surgeries. As a result,  practically very few procedures may be delayed or rescheduled compared to hospitals’ unanticipated factors such as emergency room difficulties.

To conclude, outpatient surgical centers provide many benefits and advantages for surgical patients. If you have any other question concerning outpatient surgery centers or would like to know how our outpatient surgery center can cater to your needs, please contact our Outpatient Surgery Center, NC. We will be more than happy to answer all of them, in the most professional and understanding manner.



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